About us

Since launching Up and Running Facilities Ltd in 2008 the business has gone from strength to strength. The unparalleled service we offer has been a catalyst for our success. This has ensured that clients continue to return to us on a regular basis and their recommendations of our company to their industry colleagues has sustained, for us, an ever increasing database of clients.

We are unique within facilities provision in that we are a “hands on” family business. The transport captain of each of our facility teams is a family member who has worked their way up through the job to ensure that they have experienced every aspect of the work and are qualified to anticipate and deliver the specific needs of the filming industry. This provides clients with cost effective, on site, first point of call decision making.

Up and Running Facilities prides itself on its loyal team of hand-picked drivers. As employers who actively work on the shop floor we are all too aware of the demanding nature of the profession and as such the welfare and job satisfaction of our employees is of paramount importance. Facilities work includes unsociable hours and time spent away from home; our process of recruitment reflects this and is influential in our deciding of whom to employ. We are conscientious employers and strictly adhere to employment policies, the laws covering Health and Safety and Transport regulations. It has been our experience that valued employees equate with a happy and productive workforce. This, in turn, is cost effective for our clients.

Our facilities teams amalgamate decades of experience and expertise which allows us to accommodate every type of production from a single days shooting of a commercial through to the weeks of filming required for high profile television series or the more extensive shooting of a feature film. Throughout the filming of any production though, we never lose sight of the client as an individual and will always apply the personal attention that only a family run business can provide.

Up and Running Facilities employs an “in house” team of motor engineers whose sole responsibility is to ensure the daily maintenance of vehicles, thus avoiding any, time costly, breakdowns whilst on location. Our most popular vehicles are those that have been purpose built by David, our “in house” craftsman carpenter. These vehicles have been constructed after consultation with various costume and make-up departments whose suggestions have been invaluable in helping in the design of the most versatile and productive working solutions. We can also adapt existing vehicles to the specific requirements of the client.

Whilst on location our facility teams ensure that all vehicles are maintained to the highest standard and on wrap each day the vehicles are systematically and thoroughly cleaned to ensure a comfortable working environment for cast and crew.

Rather than publish a series of quotes and recommendations from our existing clients we prefer to provide such accolades on request. We are also in a position to provide phone numbers of existing clients, if a verbal recommendation is preferred. Every prospective client is invited to visit our premises for a cup of coffee and an informal chat about specific requirements. This will also provide the opportunity to meet the team and of course have a tour of our vehicles.

Terms and Conditions

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