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The facilities to get your project upandrunning

We are a genuine family-owned and run business with almost twenty years’ experience in the provision of production facilities for every need.

Our hands-on attitude has developed skills, knowledge and capability across the whole spectrum of the industry:

In fact, any project where the client needs cost effective, on site, first point of call decision making.

Investment in equipment

Our extensive involvement in the wide and varying world in which we work has led to our building a huge range of vehicles and facilities to satisfy every need.

Our fleet for hire includes a wide-ranging variety of Location Vehicles:

And every other Facilities Vehicle you can think of, every project is different contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

Decades of experience and expertise

Our carefully constructed and assembled task force combines vehicles designed and finished to the highest possible standards of practicality, comfort and ease of use with a team of talented, committed people.

We offer a comprehensive selection of facilities for every conceivable department with specialist resources.

Our most popular vehicles are those that have been purpose built by our in-house craftsman carpenter. These vehicles have been constructed after consultation with clients from all departments whose suggestions have been invaluable in helping in the design of the most versatile and productive working solutions.

We can also adapt existing vehicles to specific requirements of a client. Our team of motor engineers ensure the daily maintenance of vehicles, avoiding any inconvenient, costly breakdowns. Whilst on location our facility teams ensure that all vehicles are maintained to the highest standards and, on wrap each day, vehicles are systematically and thoroughly cleaned to ensure a comfortable working environment for cast and crew.

Investment in people

Up and Running Facilities prides itself on being a conscientious employer who strictly adheres to employment policies and the laws covering Health and Safety and Transport regulations. Valued employees help form a happy and productive workforce, which makes for better service for our clients.

Our firm commitment is always to apply the personal attention that only a family run business can provide, never losing sight of the client as an individual.

Our facilities teams amalgamate decades of experience and expertise which allows us to accommodate every type of production from a single day shooting of a commercial through to the weeks of filming required for high profile television series or the more extensive shooting of a feature film.

Long lasting client relationships

We are not a company that gets involved in name dropping. If we were we could cite iconic clients in every field of the business. Suffice to say that we are proud of the fact that several of our client relationships span many years and clients continue to return to us on a regular basis.

At the same time, their recommendations of our company to their industry colleagues have helped us build an ever-increasing database of users. We are proud of our history of providing first class facilities for a wide variety of production projects based on the finest equipment, run by highly skilled professionals.

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